Jennifer Purdy

A Better, Brighter Future for Everyone.

Hello! I am the Green candidate for Kanata–Carleton for this upcoming election. While this is not the best time for an election, a silver lining is that we can take the time to discuss the issues that matter most for us. I’ll start.

Climate emergency is at the top of my list, along with mitigation and adaptation strategies. After all, if we don’t start to take decisive action on climate emergency, things are going to get much, much worse. We are already on a trajectory for more natural disasters: more floods, more fires, more tornadoes and extreme weather events. But, the great news is that we can take the actions necessary so that this issue doesn’t get much, much worse. This brings me comfort, and it should for you too, but we must take this issue seriously. No further construction of pipelines. Stop the oil and gas subsidies. Provide a just transition for those leaving the oil and gas industry.

While climate emergency must be the top issue in terms of risk to our health, safety, and well-being, there are other key issues that concern Greens, especially me. As a medical doctor and the Health critic for the Green Shadow Cabinet, many of my concerns of course focus on people’s health and well-being: true Truth and Reconciliation; reform Long Term Care; address the opioid crisis, taking an evidence-based approach; improve access to mental health services by improving the Canada Health Act, as well as adopting Pharmacare, and basic dental for low-income Canadians. We also need to conduct a public inquiry into the pandemic, so that we can determine what worked, and what didn’t work. We need to implement the recommendations in preparation for the next pandemic, because other pandemics will occur.

Furthermore, this list is not exhaustive, but true health and well-being goes way beyond traditional health care:  Guaranteed Livable Income, affordable housing for everyone, and embracing the rapidly-growing Green economy, are but a few examples. We can lead the world in a new Green economy, and move towards an equitable society at the same time.

Like what you see? Is there an issue that is important to you? Please contact me at if you have questions, concerns, or want to help out. Thank you!